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Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

The services that we provide at EMO Consulting include cloud backup and disaster recovery services aimed at protecting your patients' electronic health records. Typically, our clients have lost their critical data due to ransomware. We guarantee that we can get you back up and running in 15 minutes or less. Once your data is gone, it'll be too late for us to back it up onto a cloud network for you, so contact us today. We provide coverage for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, VMware, and more, as well as up to 100 versions of different operating systems. Our cloud services can transfer your vital data to a public, private, or third-party network and we can recover anything you need and reboot you from anywhere.

Doctor Collecting Electronic Health Records

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We also provide training and other types of cloud solution services for healthcare, colleges & universities, government entities etc. It's now required for physicians to be able to access a patients' records quickly and easily, so our services will help to get you away from paper recordkeeping. We can do the whole implantation process for your electronic health records on a cloud network for a competitive monthly service fee.